How to Look for the Perfect Gift for your Loved One

Gift shopping can be hard! Picking out the perfect gift can be overwhelming with questions like – What do they like? What do they need? Will they like the color or design? Do they already own it?

So many questions and not enough time to pick the right gift!

To reduce your gift shopping stress, we have come up with a list of some really fun gifts for the different types of people in your life!

1. For the Ones Looking Forward to Future Travel Plans!

Know someone who is ready to jump into a plane as soon as it’s safe to travel? Then we’ve got something they can add to their – possibly - already packed suitcase!

Till then these are perfect to store in your bathroom and protect your toothbrush from coming in contact with germs or dust or even other toothbrushes.

Available in multiple colors.
2. For the Ones Who are Workaholics!

Know someone who lives at work and visits their home sometimes?
These Gel Eye Masks are perfect for the ones who don’t just work 9-5 but are in front of their screens for really long hours or almost all day.
These cooling Gel Eye Masks are just what their eyes need. All they have to do is keep the ice pack in the freezer for a few hours and put on the mask and just REST.
They are definitely going to be really grateful for this gift!
3. For the Ones with Fabulous Hair!

If you are looking to gift someone with some beautiful hair and who loves styling it, this sparkly hair brush is perfect!
No more knottiness! Unique lightweight curved handle and bristles are ergonomically designed to work easily, gently unravelling even the toughest tangles.

An added benefit is that they can carry these around with them everywhere! They are lightweight and fit into almost any bag.

Get it in Unicorn and Mermaid Designs.
4. For the Ones Who are Always Dehydrated / Really Thirsty!

This gift is perfect for someone who is good or bad at staying hydrated! It’s just the thing needed this summer!
Sip on water or any other drink with these Metallic Pineapple Tumblers that come with a matching straw.
It’s the perfect reminder to have enough water especially while travelling. So, stay hydrated in style and on-the go!
Get it in Blue, Pink, Yellow or White
5. For the Ones Who are Self-Proclaimed Astrologers!

Pamper your favorite horoscope obsessed friends with these luxurious handmade artisan soaps that have a brand-new Zodiac Collection.
No matter what their zodiac sign is and what their horoscope says, everyone deserves some pampering. And what better than your very own personalized zodiac soap, that reminds you of your positive and also the not-so-positive traits.
These soaps will leave them feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a long tiring day with their fruity fragrances!
6. For the Ones Who Put the “Pro” in Procrastinator!

Know someone whose favorite word is “Tomorrow”? Well then you better hurry up and gift them this Pocket Diary that encourages them to Get Shit Done!

When the notebook is also trying to tell you to Get Shit Done, well then you Gotta Get It Done! These notebooks are the perfect constant reminders to your friend to get to work and get things done.
No more excuses for not completing their to-do lists because these pocket notebooks can go anywhere they go! They can be slipped into any bag or pocket and are perfect to take down notes on-the-go.

7. For the Ones still Using Wired Earphones!

This is a must-have for someone who still refuses to buy wireless earphones!

Made of top end tinplate, they come with two zippers and are extremely lightweight. Slip them into any kind of bag or purse and store earphones without all the tangled mess.
Available in multiple designs, shapes and colors.
8. For the Ones Who are Always Forgetful!

Your friend may forget stuff but make sure you don’t forget to gift them these beautiful pastel colored Unicorn To-Do Lists!
Combining utility with style, these To-Do List Memo Pads will make sure your friend jots down all their tasks and completes them too!
Available in Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange and White colors.
9. For the Sentimental Ones

Nothing says ‘thoughtful gift’ than some meaningful photographs!
For the person who loves memories, this Glitter Frame is an adorable gift that they can hang up on the wall for all to see.
Whether it’s pictures of a newborn, grandkids, photos from college or graduation, this frame is the perfect wall décor and a sweet and sentimental gift that they will surely appreciate.
An amazing feature that these come with is an every-changing display! Use the 2 wooden clips and jute thread included with the frame to keep changing the photographs and to put up your current favorite ones!

10. For the Ones Who are in Love with Rose Gold!


Looking for a gift for someone who loves everything rose gold? Look no further because we have the most beautiful Rose Gold Paper clips for you!
They are perfect for organizing all the papers lying around and adding some fun to your current work from home desks.

We’ve got some fun shapes like cat shaped ones for pet lovers, frappe for coffee lovers and gelato for ice cream lovers!