Save Time in the Kitchen with these Wonderful Hacks

Kitchen hacks really do cut down the time and effort required to cook and prep anything in the kitchen.

They can be subtle changes in the way you do things, they could be out of the box ideas that completely take you by surprise or tools you couldn’t even fathom to make your tasks easier.

Kitchen hack tools are usually cheap and simple products that make a world of difference and rid you on minor inconveniences.

Here are 12 kitchen hack tools we have singled out that you need to have in your kitchen right now!

1. Egg Yolk Separator

Separating a yolk from the egg can be a cumbersome task for untrained hands or for someone short on time (basically everyone).

This tool solves that problem wonderfully. We tried it ourselves.

All you have to do is place the egg yolk separator on the edges of a bowl and simply break the egg on to the egg yolk separator, lift it with its handle and see the egg whites slip into the bowl with yolk remaining intact on the separator which you can proceed to use or discard.

It’s literally that simple.

Plus, it’s lightweight. This thing is a breeze to use and comes highly recommended from us.

2. Rolling Pin with Acupuncture Edges

You’d never think of a rolling pin with ‘features’. But here is one with a killer feature.

It comes with a rubber grip on both sides so that you can hold on to it firmly while flattening Rotis, dough, etc.

It will be difficult for your hands to slip on this one and in-turn increasing the speed at which you flatten the dough.

Moreover, it’s unbreakable which makes it insanely durable!

3. Big Pasta Spoon

Ever overestimated the quantity of pasta required and accidentally prepared pasta for 5 instead of 2? Yeah, us too.

The 3 holes you see the pasta spoon are not for design but for actually measuring the amount of spaghetti per serving. The amount of uncooked spaghetti you can put through the smallest hole is a serving for a single person, for 2 in the second one and 3 in the biggest one.

This way you don’t waste food and get an accurate reading of the portion sizes.

Apart from the measuring bit, this adorable loch ness monster looking spoon is an excellent tool for stirring, mixing and serving pasta.

4. Flexible Cleaning Brush

The flexible cleaning brush is an extremely handy tool when it comes to kitchen cleaning.

The flexibility makes it stand out from any other regular leaning brush

It can clean anything at an angle, round or cylindrical quickly compared to a regular brush thanks to its extreme flexibility for example, faucets, taps and wash basins. It saves a ton of time in cleaning which is one of the worst and most boring chores to do in the kitchen.

The grip at the back only makes things easier. It also comes with a hook to hang it at places you deem convenient for easy access and reach.

5. Flavour Infusing Spoon

Not everyone enjoys the experience of separating spices and condiments from their food but at the same time not having the taste profile they bring to the food.

This handy flavour infusing tool does away with that hurdle. Simply insert all the condiments and spices whose flavouring you need to add to the food into this spoon and shut its lid; dip the spoon in to the food while cooking and let it work its magic.

The holes in lid allow the spices to it emit their flavours and aromas to blend in with the preparation. Be it ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, curry leaves, etc. After you’re done, simple open the lid and discard the spent remains of your spices.

Trust us, you and your family will appreciate the mitigation of this hassle of separating the spices every time they eat a spoon of you tasty dish all the benefits of those spices intact.

6. Multipurpose Tongs with Grip

Length matters. Of the tongs. Get your mind out of the gutter.

The tongs in question here are long and help you stay away from the heat, making it more comfortable for you to flip and adjust food in the pan.
The added benefit is the grip on both sides that helps you in being more assured while handling food.
Let’s be honest, cooking food is no laughing matter, it can be dangerous if we’re not careful and who wouldn’t like any tool that mitigates the dangers of cooking in the kitchen.

7. Easy Kitchen Frying Tool

Frying can be a daunting task for many because of the hot splashing oil and an untrained or inexperienced individual can easily hurt himself/herself.

The easy frying kitchen tool helps you to slide the food into the pan from a safe distance to avoid the splashing oil.

First place the food in the slider provided and then gently tilt it towards the pan. The food easily slides into the pan after a nudge with spoon that comes along with it.

Putting something in the hot oil is the scariest part and this tool will help you deal with that situation with ease.

9. Grater with Container

Little things matter and this greater with container does exactly that.

It does just the one single trick wherein it collects your grated cheese, carrots, ginger, garlic, etc. into a transparent container.
The problem it solves is of the mess that is created while grating food with a regular grater.
Here, everything is collected in one place which you can easily remove and use the contents wherever required without having to clean up later.
It saves a ton of time as you don’t have to collect the bits and pieces of the item you’ve grated after you’re done prepping the food.

9. Silicone Oven Gloves


Plate too hot? Use these mouth shaped gloves to do the job for you.
Just wear them and pick up anything that’s hot while the silicone material absorbs all the heat. The silicone material also makes sure you have plenty of grip so that the hot and heavy pot/plate does not slip out of your hands.
No need for wearing those long and uncomfortable fabric based oven gloves when these small and handy ones exist.
They’re available is several bright colours.

10. Gas Toaster with Long Handle

The gas toaster is an extremely low cost alternative to the regular electric toaster.
All you have to do is place the sandwich inside the toaster and place it on the gas stove while the long grip makes sure you stand at a safe and comfortable distance from the fire and heat of the stove.
It only takes a few minutes and your sandwich is ready. You get to enjoy the same benefits of an electric toaster at a fraction of the cost.
Moreover, you can clean this with soap and water without any fear of damage and keeping it extremely clean and hygienic whereas doing the same on an electric toaster would completely destroy it.
You can buy two of these and keep two sandwiches on the stove at one time. Save time and eat your delicious food asap!

11. Gas / Stove Cleaning Brush


This is for those really hard stains in the kitchen. The gas cleaning brush comes as a set of 3 or you can buy it individually with different bristles with varying intensities.

The nylon, brass and metal brushes can be used depending on the level of stubbornness of the stains with nylon being the mildest to metal being the strongest.

It comes with an ergonomic grip to reach even the most difficult places. Use it to clean your gas stove, faucets and sliding window railings.

12. Coffee/ Cupcake Stencil

Don’t you just love it when your cup of coffee is served with some beautiful coffee art like a heart or a cool design?

If you want to serve some beautiful and impressive looking coffee, you may have to take up some barista courses for weeks or you can do it the easy way and get some of our Coffee stencils available in a variety of designs!

Rest the coffee art stencil on the rim of the cup, sprinkle fine powder of the flavour of your choice like cocoa or cinnamon powder to create your design and then gently lift the stencil and there you go – a beautiful cup of coffee to brighten up the day!

These stencils can also be used while baking to create some pretty art for your desserts.