10 Unique Sticky Notes Every Stationery Addict Should Own

Sticky notes are the perfect tools to organize your surroundings, be it your work desk, your books, private journals, recipes.

The versatility of sticky notes is immense as they can also be used as labels and reminders along with being designated lists for shopping etc.

The fun part here is that they can be much more enchanting than the standard square ones. Nothing uplifts your environment quite like interesting, quirky and cute sticky notes.

Let’s dive into 10 of the stand out sticky notes available with Rack Jack®

1. Neon Arrow Sticky Notes


An arrow is the ultimate sign for those who need instructions at every step or when there should be no doubt what something denotes.

The neon colours here absolutely stand out and are visible from a distance.

Want to tell your kids where the food is kept while you’re not at home? Use these sticky notes.

Need to point out the important sections in your notes? We think this would be ideal.

2. Bear Sticky Notes with Page Markers

Bored of the regular sticky notes?

Add these super fun and super quirky coloured sticky notes to your desk collection.
The cute bear design is extra adorable.

These sticky notes come with a main big one with 5 small ones which you can use as page markers for your notes and journals.

Pamper yourself with a bunch of these or gift them to your stationery addict friends or siblings!

But wait, there’s more! It comes in 3 different bear designs!

3. Band-Aid Sticky Notes

To be honest, we chuckled a bit when we laid our eyes upon these for the first time.

Surprise others around you every time you look at these band aid sticky notes.

They do the same job of every other sticky notes but there ain’t no sin in amusing yourself every now and then in the most non-obvious and subtlest of ways.

4. Cupcake Sticky Notes with Page Markers

Need a sugar rush? Behold! The cupcake sticky notes!

If you have a sweet tooth, this will be a treat to your eyes. Stick these dessert sticky notes here, there and everywhere and light up your work desk while you’re crunching them spreadsheets.

Only thing is, don’t blame us if you start craving cupcakes after seeing these all around you.

Comes in 2 more designs including cake!

5. Carnival Themed Sticky Notes

Oh boy! This sure takes us back to childhood. You instantly get memories of theme parks, nostalgic travel stories and Disney movies.

What not have that in and around your everyday items so you keep beaming while your creative juices flow.

These enchanting sticky notes set the scene for a fulfilling day of work/study.

They’re perfect for putting up everywhere on your workspace as reminders of important tasks.

Get it in 4 pink shaded designs like a Ferris wheel, Hot air balloon, Medieval Castle and Gum vending machine.

6. Cat Memo Pad cum Sticky Notes

For all those kitty cat lovers out there, this one’s for you.

This product is actually quite helpful in keeping you organized.
Thanks to the bullet point format, you can make a to-do list, set tasks and or reminders so that you do not miss out on important stuff.
Get it in 4 pastel colours (Blue, Brown, Green and Orange) so that everything you stick this to looks absolutely ‘PURRfect’. See what I did there? Purr-fect. Got it? Never mind.
7. Unicorn Folding Book Sticky Notes

Let’s get down to business. The one you’ve been waiting for. Unicorns! 

Let your unicorn obsession extend here too. The colours are unmistakably eye candy stuff and they’re absolutely magical.
Make sure you use these abundantly to take the word mundane out of your tasks.
The size is nice and big enough to fit whatever you want. It’ll make an excellent addition to our range of Unicorn pens to make the perfect pairing.
Comes in Blue, Pink, Light Pink and Purple.

8. Galaxy Sticky Notes

It’s out of this world! Literally!

These outer space themed Sticky notes are a completely new take on organizing your life and work.

Jot down your tasks in the stars and crush your goals so that you fly high among the stars.

These celestial bodies give your projects and desks an other-worldly feel.

Comes in 8 dreamy colours for you to choose from.

9. Heart Sticky Notes with Pen

Here comes the Pen!

These super cute heart shaped sticky notes come with a matching mini ball pen so that you don’t have to look for a pen.

Those darn things are never where you left them and disappear when you actually need them.

No worries here as theses sticky notes come with a pen holder who went let your sneaky pen out of sight!

Apart from general use, you can write sweet notes for your significant other and leave these around the house just to make their day!

You can get these in 7 different bright colours.

10. Neon - Sign Here Sticky Notes 

‘Where do I sign?’ should never be asked again thanks to these bright neon sticky notes that denote the obvious.

It’s almost like a giant signboard that can be spotted from miles away.

Use it for memos, forms, documents, letters, etc. Trust us, the receiver will be quite impressed and won’t ever have to search for the sweet spot.

Comes in 5 neon colours.