A Complete Guide to a Tropical Summer

Summer is almost here and it’s that time of the year where you grab your essentials to get into the mood of the season.
From coconuts and palm trees to Flamingos and pineapples, these are the absolute necessities to complete the summer makeover to your stationery, kitchenware, home décor and jewellery collections.
Let’s dive into some great examples of what can actually fit the bill.

1. Palm Leaf Travel Pouches

Probably one of the handiest items you'll find while you pack for a trip.
These pouches help you organise and pack your toiletries, make up, lingerie, etc., while you prepare your bag.
You can spare a ton of space and know what's where once you try and access the items in your bag.
The palm leaf theme is a perfect match for your summer holiday to any beachy place you've planned to treat yourself in the summer.
You can get this in either a pack of 1 or in a pack of 4.

2. Summer Bunch Bracelet – Set of 5

This has it all. The design just screams summer.
It absolutely goes with any summer outfit. Be it swimwear, a sun dress or simply shorts and a t-shirt.
The tiny and subtle depictions of a tropical paradise like the palm trees and pineapple work like magic on this piece.
Wear the entire bunch at a time or pair a few with your watch!
They come in 2 classy colours of white and pink.

3. Rose Gold Themed Mini Tumbler

We cannot wait to sip Mojitos and Pina coladas in this gorgeous tumbler.
It's the best accessory to have in your hand while you beat the sweltering heat with your icy cold beverage of choice.
The fruity themed design and rose gold lid just blend together seamlessly.
Its compact easy to carry and the best part is that it comes with its own striped straw.
We might just skip the virgin part when making drinks to consume in this tumbler.

4. Cooling Gel Eye Masks

This eye mask is exactly what we need on a holiday or on a weekend after a busy week. Especially when the sun has been shining extra hard.

 Just drop it in the freezer and after a few hours let the blue cooling gel do it's magic after you put on the eye mask.
Immediately transport yourself to a paradise as you cool off against the soaring temperatures.
The benefits are a handful;

- Relieve eye soreness
- Subside the wrinkles below your eyes
- Get rid of dry eyes
- Subside dark circles
- Reduce eye fatigue

    Comes in a plethora of tropical designs such as flamingo, unicorn, space, ice cream, panda, tropical palms and much more for every mood of yours!

    5. Microfiber Spectacle Cleaner


    Now this is Rack Jack royalty. It's our top seller and we've shipped thousands of these all over the country.
    Why? Because it's bloody convenient!
    The first thing you need on a sunny day is sunglasses and those sunglasses need the care and cleaning they deserve.
    This little compact tool does the job perfectly.
    The ergonomic design makes cleaning your sunglasses a breeze and the microfiber cloth makes sure your glares are well cleaned without leaving any scratches.
    The small design and attached key chain ring makes it extremely easy to hook it up to a set of keys and fits easily in your pocket.
    So don't leave home without this one!
    Get it in 6 bright colours.
    6. Stunning Pineapple Ball Pens

    OMG! This is surely an eye candy. Just look at it.
    Gold, silver and rose gold in a metal body. It doesn't get more luxurious than that.
    It has a nice and smooth heavy feel to it and is a standout in our list of tropical themed essentials.
    Amp up your work or study desk look. Trust me, you’ll want this before it gets sold out!

    7. Collapsible Flamingo Canvas Baske

    A super cute storage basket for oraganizing small items.

    Be it a bit of dirty laundry, desktop items, toys, etc.
    The collapsible and folding design makes it a space saving travel companion.

    The lined feel and cool subdued colours helps it blend seamlessly into the household while giving your room a chic look!

    Get it in minty green, peach and white.